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HoxWi is a platform made for developers, to host, integrate and distribute serverless solutions, e.g. microservices, API's and web apps

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A complete software development platform

With HoxWi you’ll work smarter, not harder

CUSTOMERS love how much DEVELOPERS can achieve with HoxWi

Advantages of using HoxWi

With HoxWi you can easily develop the entire structure of your App in minutes,
as we provide a full set of functionalities right out of the box:

Multiple SQL and NoSQL databases

Automatic configuration of Tables/Collections

Public and private enterprise-grade service bus

Custom AngularJS/HTML/CSS Apps

Extensible with Python and JavaScript

Complete back-office solution

Seasoned, microservices oriented platform

Fully integrated marketplace

Tools & Services

HoxWi team is constantly working to provide multiple ways to make your daily workload easier.


for Everyone

HoxWi playground is like a code pen, it enables you to develop directly from the web browser.

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for Developers

Develop and deploy your own microservices using C# or Python (more languages to come) .

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for Developers

Usually adopted by advanced Users, who prefer to “talk” to the platform using text commands.

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API Explorer

for Administrators

From this dashboard you can manage almost everything within your subscription.

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Experiments LAB

for Developers

The Experiments LAB allows users to manage any data in any existing database using Json language.

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Rest Client

for Developers

You can perform almost every task using a third party REST client (like PostMan).

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Back-office apps

for Support teams

Develop the necessary tasks, without having to create external applications.

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HoxWi MarketPlace

for Everyone

A variety of ready to use features that will fit your project’s budget, as most of them are free.

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Specialized Professionals

extra services

You always have the option of relying on certified professionals to help you implement your project.

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If you see yourself as a High Potential Developer you maybe eligible to our HoxWi Developers program.

Selected developers have access to a range of benefits
including extended credit and professional support to help implement their projects.

HoxWi for Developers