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HoxWi provides a full set of backend development tools – cloud infrastructure, SQL/NoSQL databases, enterprise service bus, api-builder, experiments-lab, automatically generated documentation, and a complete Backoffice environment - boosting productivity to a whole other level

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Why You need HoxWi

With HoxWi you can develop the entire backend structure of your App, as we provide right out of the box:

Multiple SQL and NoSQL databases

Automatic configuration of Tables/Collections

Public and private enterprise-grade service bus

Custom AngularJS/HTML/CSS Apps

Extensible with Python and JavaScript

Complete back-office solution

Seasoned, microservices oriented platform

Fully integrated marketplace

Start small and grow big

Get your project started in minutes using HoxWi to provide all the necessary databases, API's, Back office apps, landing pages, web and mobile apps. Start by focusing on getting market traction to your business. Once you have it, you can leave us, if you wish. There are no strings attached.

Although we prefer that you stay, we will give you all your data, no questions asked.

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If you run a High Potential Startup you maybe eligible to our HoxWi Startups program.

Selected startups has access to a range of benefits
including extended credit and professional support to help implement their projects.

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