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HoxWi provides easy-to-use technology tools specially designed to improve productivity, allowing businesses to develop their back-end applications cheaper, faster, and with fewer resources.


HoxWi is FREE

HoxWi is free forever, for customers completing up to 10.000 transactions per month.

Key benefits


We’ve taken care of the hard problems of building, integrating, scaling, securing, and managing your backend platform saving you time and money.

Dynamic Rest APIs included

Connect your app to virtually anything via endpoints or smart connectors (including IOT devices and industrial hardware).

Core Back Office application included

Interact with any data at any stage with human-friendly web interfaces, specially organized in a private admin area.

continuouslyTested environment

Well, we do find bugs also and we work hard to fix them all letting you feel like we do not have any.

Infra-structure included

With your HoxWi account you have your own MySQL database, own Elastic Search area, multiple shared API servers, multiple shared Back Office servers, own private and public Service Bus, all for free up to certain level of use. Distinct infra for Sandbox and Production.


If you need more search power you can opt for Lucene (Elasticsearch Servers), without having to hire someone specialized and without paying any extra penny for hosting it.


You can easily set incoming requests to be staged on a RabbitMQ queue to improve your capacity in handling thousands of requests per second without needing to change your app logic or write any code.

MySql/Sql Server Databases included*

The database is transparent and maintenance free for you while using HoxWi, even if you decide to keep your DB elsewhere.

*SQL Server databases are not available on free plans.

To get any similar structure running you may need to hire a substantial amount of professionals to take care about all this essential tasks.

Peace of mind

We cover your back

Scale with HoxWi from zero up to 1.000.000 users.

Powered by simplicity

Core Features

Businesses of all sizes use HoxWi in different ways. The platform’s ready-to-use features help them quickly deliver theirs apps.

Dynamic interfaces

An easy way to allow your internal team and selected partners to interact with your data in a controlled and visual environment, as in an enterprise application.

Platform agnostic

With unlimited managed API endpoints your applications can connect with any external parties (web/mobile/API/Database) keeping everything together.

Scale on demand

Resources can easily be scaled up or down according to your demand; try it for free and upgrade it as your demand rises.

JavaScript extensibility

Event based triggers allow you to customize endpoints and connectors with specific rules using JavaScript language.

Smart connector new

This very useful feature helps you connecting with legacy (XML/SOAP) web services making them available as a ready to use restful microservice before you start consuming it.

External integrations

We are working to provide very useful set of endpoints allowing interaction with APIS from established companies like Facebook and Google.


Zero Lock-in

You are free to use your own private/remote databases alongside with your HoxWi account and we provide all necessary data backups and a working version of the API source code to help you leave if you wish (although we prefer that you stay).

Create a free account and start using it in minutes!