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We’ve taken care of the hard problems of building, integrating, scaling, securing, and managing your backend platform saving you time and money.

Dynamic Rest APIs

Connect your app to virtually anything via endpoints or smart connectors (including IOT devices and industrial hardware).

Core Back Office application

Interact with any data at any stage with human-friendly web interfaces, specially organized in a private admin area.

Public interfaces

An easy way to allow selected partners or even public users to interact with your data in a controlled and visual environment hosted on your backoffice server.

JavaScript extensibility

Event based triggers allow you to customize endpoints and connectors with specific rules using JavaScript language.

Smart connector new

This very useful feature helps you connecting with legacy (XML/SOAP) web services making them available as a ready to use restful microservice before you start consuming it.

External integrations

We are working to provide very useful set of endpoints allowing interaction with APIS from established companies like Facebook and Google.


With your HoxWi account you have your own databases, own Elastic Search area, multiple shared API servers, multiple shared Back Office servers, own private and public Service Bus, all for free up to certain level of use.


MongoDB is the default data repository in HoxWi, each account has at least one database for SandBox and another for Production, without paying any penny extra to host it.


You can easily set incoming requests to be staged on a RabbitMQ queue to improve your capacity of handling thousands of requests per second without the need to change your app logic or write any code.

MySql/Sql Server Databases

The database is transparent and maintenance free for you while using HoxWi, even if you decide to keep your DB elsewhere.

Tested environment

Well, we also find bugs from time to time; but we work hard to fix them all, giving you the feeling that we do not have any.

*SQL Server databases are not available for all plans.

To get any similar structure running you would need to hire a substantial number of professionals.