HoxWi is free forever, for customers completing up to 1.000 transactions per month.

You can sign in for a Pay-As-You-Go Plan, prices range from € 0.01 down to € 0.001 per transaction, depending on monthly activity.

Sign up for a Pay-As-You-Go Plan

Scale with dedicated cloud servers

Enterprise users may opt for privacy & reliability by signing up for dedicated plans. Your company can have private HoxWi clusters containing from 3 up to unlimited dedicated servers. You are free to choose the cloud provider that best suit your needs : Microsoft , Amazon or Google.

Prices are based on servers size, no hidden fees.

For example, if you order 1 small dedicated Microsoft Azure HoxWi cluster:

Provider Description Total per month (USD)
Microsoft Azure 1 x A1 Web App, 2 x A1 Linux VM's + details $ 107.21
HoxWi 3 x servers fee (USD 20*) + 20% of MS Cost $ 81.44
Total $ 188.65

* Fee per server per month for instances with up to 2 cores. Please inquire for larger options.